Family Fitness Challenges

If you can time it, track it, or make exercise competitive in some way, kids are often more willing! But think outside just sports. Here are a bunch of active games and friendly competitions that are good for a variety of ages. Don’t focus on the win; focus on the fun!

  • Simon Says
  • How Many ____ Can You Do In a Minute? (Jumping Jacks, squats, etc.)
  • How Fast Can You Run Around The House?
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Kick The Can
  • Tug of War
  • Timed Obstacle Course
  • Wheel Barrel Race
  • 3-Legged Race
  • Freeze: Best with a group. Wiggle and dance until the leader says stop! Three strikes and you’re out. Winner becomes the leader.
  • A-Z Walk: Identify items you see starting with that letter. If you get stumped (especially with X), the letter can simply be in the word.
  • Map Game: Get a map of your neighborhood, print it out, and highlight the streets you walk, within a mile or two of your home! Add to it each outing.
  • Litter Walk: Wear gloves and bring garbage bags, cleaning as you walk. Keep count of how many things you collect, and reward the work!
  • Backyard Hot & Cold: Hide something small in the house or yard and play hot or cold until it’s found!
  • Color Walk: Best for little kids. Have them place construction paper on the floor, and call out colors to skip, as they’re walking.
  • Crab Carry: Show your child how to “walk” like a crab, and then challenge them to balance something on their backs to the finish line.
  • Hip Waddle: Grab a partner and a ball (or balloon), and line everyone up. See which team can get to finish line first holding the ball hip-to-hip.
  • Hot Potato: Best with a group. Turn on music, pass a ball as quickly as you can, and wherever it lands when the music is done removes that person from the game. Pass until one person left!

What does your family like to do? Add ideas below!

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