Create Healthy Habits With Our 14-Day Meal Plan

Planning is one of the biggest keys to sticking to a healthy diet. If you’re out and about, and your tummy starts to grumble, you are much more likely to hit up a drive-through, especially if you didn’t pack healthy snacks. If you’ve had a tough day at work, your pantry is bare, and you have nothing planned for dinner, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll order pizza. With a bit of menu planning, you can help prevent the unhealthy food temptation. After all, if healthy food is right there waiting to be eaten, you’re much more likely to grab it out of the fridge.

This two-week healthy meal plan will help you stay healthy for 14 straight days. You’ll find recipe ideas for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and even healthy treats.

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For breakfast, let’s focus mostly on quick, healthy foods that are perfect for before work or school. Some of the recipes require prep work, but they’ll make breakfast a breeze on busy mornings. You’ll also find a few more time-intensive recipes that are a great option for lazy Sunday mornings. Repeat these recipes throughout the two weeks. If you’re looking for more healthy breakfast options, check out this list.


What’s the quickest and easiest healthy lunch you can make? Leftovers! Make sure you use dinner leftovers for lunches throughout the two weeks. If you aren’t a leftover fan, here are a few healthy (and fast) options you can use.


Having healthy snack options are key to sticking to a healthy diet. By making sure you never get overwhelmingly hungry, especially when surrounded by temptation, you’re nipping the urge to eat poorly in the bud. Prep these snacks on the weekend, and then snack on them all week long. Find even more healthy snack ideas here.


The last thing you want to do after a long day at work is spend two hours cooking a healthy dinner. These healthy dinners are fast, easy, and make enough for multiple meals (and they’ll probably satisfy the pickiest eater). Here are 14 dinner options to make sure you have variety throughout the two weeks—variety is the spice of life!


Forbidding yourself from enjoying your favorite foods is a quick ticket to a healthy diet failure. Instead, adjust how you treat yourself. Try eating better versions of the unhealthy foods you love, in lesser quantities, and less often. Here are a few options for healthier ways to treat yourself:

Download the Meal Plan

Mix and combine these dishes to satisfy your family’s tastes! Here’s a sample menu of how we’d put these together for 2 weeks of meals.



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