11 Healthy Instagramers To Follow for Motivation

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, so what better place to find fitness motivation and inspiration than on Instagram? From lifting heavy weights and standup paddleboarding to yoga postures and some swimbikerun, here are 11 of my favorite folks to follow.

1. Jenny Kalmbach, @jennykalmbach

Stand-up paddleboarder Jenny Kalmbach sees some pretty magical places via her SUP. Her feed is filled with beautiful turquoise waters that not only make you want to book a tropical trip immediately, SUP in tow.

2. Pranjal Dahiya, @pranjaldahiya

Pranjal Dahiya can be described in two words: determined and positive. Following an accident that left him paralyzed, he is determined to walk again. We have no doubt he will.

3. Ashley McLaughlin, @edibleash

The food photos Ashley McLaughlin posts are drool-worthy. She even makes collard greens look delicious (they are, actually)! And, don’t get me started on her gluten-free donuts!

4. Laura O’Meara, @lauraomeara

Laura O’Meara’s insta feed is what I dream of doing with my everyday: Riding my bike in the mountains and near the ocean. If you’re not a cyclist, her photos may make you want to start exploring on two wheels.

5. Heather Scott, @heatherrosescott

Heather Scott lives life upside down – an incredible yogi (and athlete) who practices inversions in graffiti-ed urban areas and ocean-side. Be inspired to get your om on.

6. Jen Sinkler, @jensinkler

Hey, ladies! Don’t lift heavy weights for fear of “bulking up?” Well, that’s a lie; you should lift weights. You won’t bulk up. Jen Sinkler is all about empowering women to get strongrrrr (with the occasional photo of her cute dogs).

7. Rebecca Hawley, @Rhawley27

Rebecca Hawley radiates positivity as she documents her healthy living journey. She’s lost 85 pounds(!), lifts heavy weights, and all around inspires – and has fun while doing it.

8. Raoul DeJongh, @raouldejongh

South African Raoul DeJongh showcases his spectacular country as he bikes and runs in and around Cape Town.

9. Jamie King, @jamie_fitapproach

Jamie King has fun with fitness – because isn’t that what it’s all about?! – and balances out her ultramarathoning with yoga.

10. Beth Gerdes, @imbethgerdes

As a professional triathlete, Beth Gerdes’ adventures take her around the globe. But, what’s even cooler: Seeing her rock Ironman Malaysia just four months after having her first baby

11. Linsday Cotter, @lccotter

Nutrition consultant Lindsay Cotter makes some mean meals. Bonus that they’re healthy, quick to whip together and, most importantly, super tasty.


What instagrammer inspires or motivates you?

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