10 People Who Will Inspire You to Make Healthy Happen

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Losing weight is an incredibly desirable, yet illusive goal for many people. How do I do it? Do I really have to give up everything I love to eat? (No!) I can’t possibly lose that much weight. But you can! You. Can. Lose. Weight. Believe it now.

Whether you’re a college student juggling class and confusing cafeteria choices, a busy parent eating off kids’ plates or barely finding time to exercise, or perhaps compelled to change because of a wedding or other big event in your life, there is someone just like who you faced very similar challenges and found their way to a healthier place. Read these stories about average Anytime Fitness members who accomplished above-average goals for a little inspiration. Their journey wasn’t quick or easy—but it was worth it.

Remember: You are not alone. Please reach out to your local Anytime Fitness staff or trainer for support and any questions.

Carma LiftingCarma

Carma hasn’t always been physically strong and personally confident. In fact, she felt compelled to lose 50 pounds on her own, before ever joining a gym. Now she’s inspiring others to work harder!

Read Carma’s Story


Grayson before and afterGrayson

After battling drug and alcohol addiction, it’s amazing how healthy Grayson’s lifestyle is now, thanks to the motivation of his children and a welcoming fitness community—plus a LOT of hard work.

Read Grayson’s Story


Aimee_weddingsAimee & Tim

Aimee was living a very unhealthy life at just 23. But by breaking her bad eating habits and establishing healthy nutrition and activity plans she worked her way to major weight loss—along with her new husband!

Read their Story


Chris Allen Wedding PhotoChris

But it’s remarkable where life takes you. For Chris, massive improvements in health and happiness stemmed from his newfound community. And led to a gym proposal!

Read Chris’s Story

Trainer Tibbs & GroupRaven & Janis

Raven and Janis had their sights on weight loss, but knew they needed an outside push and direction. They started working with trainer Tibbs and discovered slow and steady progress really does win the race!

Read their Story



“I’ve been a member for 8+ months, lost almost 20% body fat, lost over 120lbs, quit smoking, quit drinking, quit caffeine, and STARTED LIVING. Every time I reflect on my past, I can’t believe I’m still alive.”

Read David’s Story



Dani’s struggled with her weight since she was a little girl, and knew something had to change in order to live a long life.

Read Dani’s Story



Chris once weighed more than 570 pounds and faced many medical and mobility issues. After establishing a regular fitness routine and much better nutrition, he’s a remarkable 300 lbs down years later!

Read Chris’s Story


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