10 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

We all love a little bit of chocolate on Easter, but I think we can all agree that the traditional kid’s Easter basket of candy and treats is a bit of a sugar overload. This year, instead of making a giant pile of empty-calorie treats, how about grabbing a few of your kid’s favorite candies (heck, even go for full-size candy bars!), and fill up the rest of the basket with some of these awesome sugar-free fillers. Here are our top 10 favorite non-candy easter basket ideas!

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1. Vegetable seeds and a small pot

Spring is the perfect time to teach kids where their food comes from, and giving them a packet of seeds for their favorite vegetable and a small, colorful pot for planting is a fun way to start the lesson. Plus, there aren’t a lot of things more fun than playing with dirt (for kids and adults alike)! If you’re really feeling it, throw in a cute pair of kid-sized gardening gloves and a small trowel. They’ll love having their own tools of the trade.

2. Money or tokens

Everyone loves some cash, but if you and your family have a favorite game place, try throwing in some game tokens, too. Or, if your kid is interested in other cultures and countries, maybe throw in a few coins from other countries.

3. Sidewalk chalk

Hopefully Easter weather will be warm where you are and will give you the opportunity to get out and decorate your driveway or sidewalk. You can even make your own at home!

4. Small musical instruments

Whistles, kazoos, and shakers (you can make them out of the plastic eggs by filling with beans and sealing shut) are great fun for kids. Just make sure to let them know that there is a good time to play their music (preferably outside) and bad times (like, when you’re sleeping).

5. Homemade coupons

Easter basket fillers don’t have to be expensive—in fact, this one is free! For a school-aged kid, try making a few homemade coupons by either printing them from your computer, or drawing them out. They can “cash” them in to get out of chores for a day, stay up 30 minutes past bedtime or get to pick the movie on Friday night.

6. Pool or other summer toys

Summer is right around the corner, get the kids excited with some flip-flops, sunglasses, beach balls, squirt guns, or swim goggles!

7. Bathtime fun

Grab a bottle of bubble bath, a few rubber duckies and any other fun bath-time toys your kid my like. If you have an older child, maybe throw in a nice bottle of scented lotion. Think about adding in other toiletry items too: a fun toothbrush, a cute towel, or fun bandages.

8. A new water bottle

Make the healthy act of staying hydrated fun by giving your child a just-for-them water bottle or cup. If you have multiple children, maybe even personalize each one with their name and some of their favorite colors.

9. Art supplies

Kids can always use more glitter, stickers, markers (or crayons), paper, and other craft supplies! Make sure to check out the clearance section of your favorite craft store for great deals.

10. Dollar store goodies

When all else fails, hit up the dollar store or the dollar section of your favorite discount store. There are tons of great ideas for non-food fillers! And you won’t have to mortgage your house to fill up the basket.

What was your favorite thing to get in an Easter basket?

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